About Social Network Reviews

Social Network Reviews is the result of a months-long search for the best solution for a local community group . For several years now, our community has been loosely connected through a web site, a mailing list, and various groups scattered about the Internet. Our goal is to tie all of this together on one site in order to allow easier, more efficient access to information as well as to better build and strengthen our community. Our aim is to do this through a site that provides the opportunity for users to log in and communicate through forums, form their own groups and schedule events.

Before recently, this was only feasible through custom programming; something beyond our capabilities and budget. With the explosion of online social networking, there has been a recent explosion of sites that seek to meet the needs of groups like ours and so many others. This search has been largely a one-man operation. Because of some very specific needs in our group (like the need for SubGroups and the ability to create recurring events), we have yet to find our ideal solution. Since there was no single site that offered everything we needed, it lead to a grand search, covering every possible solution we could find.

Somewhere along the way in this process, I realized there had to be others out there sharing this same experience. When Ning eliminated their free service and I read about large numbers of groups looking for alternatives, I had the proof that this information was being sought by many. Thus, SNR was born of a desire to not only share my feedback and experience of the search, but also to allow all others to do the same. My hope is that SNR will be a valuable resource for anyone seeking a home for their social community network; large or small.

About Our Reviews

The editorial reviews here at Social Network Reviews are undoubtedly from an individual perspective, but take into account my experience with a wide range of social groups and their unique needs.  To be sure, each groups needs are different and where one platform may have fallen far short for our group's needs, it may be a nice fit for someone else's.  To be clear, in trying to come up with the most useful review, I took the approach that a larger, feature-rich application would fill more people's needs than smaller ones with fewer features.  Certainly reliability and support should come into play as well since it doesn't matter how many features there are if they don't work well.  This is where I believe the user reviews will be most helpful, since feedback from several people is a better measure of performance.

I welcome constructive feedback on the editorial reviews as well as the site in general and hope that you find the information here useful.  If you do, please consider giving back by posting your own experiences and/or making a donation to keep the site alive.

Best wishes to all of you creating sites to empower your groups to grow, communicate and collaborate!