Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and more!

First, if you haven't already, you must register. Don't worry, we will not share your email address with anyone and rarely send out any notifications ourselves.  Registering will also allow you to bookmark specific pages/reviews/comments so that you will be informed if they are updated.

Next, navigate to the page of the platform you would like to review (typically by clicking on its logo in the "Quick Links" navigation to the left).  At or near the bottom of the page, you should (if you are logged in) find a link for creating a User Review.  Click on it and you'll be able to rate the platform on four scales as well as enter your own review into a text box.  Thank you for submitting your experiences and opinions!

Social Network Reviews is dedicated to helping people find the best solution for their social networking needs. This can only be accomplished by providing legitimate reviews and experiences. Allowing anonymous reviews would create too much potential for abuse since people could easily enter multiple positive or negative reviews.

Of prime importance, your email address will not be listed publicly on this site.  Even if you complete a user review or add comments, your email address will not appear and people will have no direct way of contacting you.  We require your email address for the reasons mentioned above as well as to give you an opportunity to choose to receive communications.  If there is an important web site update, we may contact you.  This does not happen often as we do not individual level marketing.  You may choose to receive email updates when certain pages or comments are updated (usually with new replies/comments).   For further details, please review our Privacy Policy.

The editorial reviews here are guaranteed to be legitimate. They are the result of a small, local hobby organization's search for a solution that allow them to create a community networking site. **LINK TO ABOUT PAGE***
In addition, we make every effort to ensure that user reviews are as legitimate as possible. The first step is requiring people to create an account before reviewing a product. Then we read each review to ensure it meets our standards for a quality user review. ****LINK HERE***

First, a user has to create an account, utilizing a verifiable email address. Second, we read each review and ensure that it follows our ***LINK* Rules for Creating a Review **. Finally, we pay attention to the reviews for each product as a whole. If it's obvious to us that the same person or persons are entering similar reviews in an effort to boost or downgrade a specific platform, we will take corrective action.

If you suspect that a review or reviews are not legitimate, please inform us so that we can investigate and take action if necessary. Please note the review in question and your reason(s) to suspect that the review is not authentic. Please note that you can also give more legitimacy to quality reviews by flagging them as helpful.

An affiliate site is a web site that, at least partly, generates income through the links on its pages. Many commercial web sites offer an affiliate program where, if you direct readers to their site, you generate income. In some cases the reader has to purchase something. This is typically accomplished by placing links in the content that goes directly to a product on a commercial site. This practice is especially prevalent in “product review” sites. Such a site will typically purport to present the “Top 5 Products!” It will include brief reviews of those products and appear to legitimately proclaim them as the best available. What is often happening, however, is that the site owner is only choosing those products which provide an affiliate program they stand to make money from. In its most deceptive form, an affiliate site may actually be created by the company/owner of the product itself.
Imagine you went on a trip to a distant locale. While there, you asked some locals for some recommendations of where to eat. Now imagine you found out there was a small subset of restaurants that paid those locals to recommend them to people just like you. Would you now trust their recommendations?

Links on an affiliate site will often have additional information at the end of them. To be clear, in order to see exactly where a link will take you, hover your mouse over it. Your web browser should indicate (typically in the lower left corner) the full URL (web site address) of that link. If it goes to an external site and has any non-alphanumeric characters in it, there's a strong chance it is an affiliate link.

No. Social Network Reviews is a legitimate review site. As such, we accept no direct money from any of the products we review here. We believe that, in order for our reviews to be accurate and fair, we can accept no compensation from the products or companies mentioned on our site.

We have to pay for the site somehow. We may, at times, utilize advertising services like Google AdSense in order to generate the funds to pay for the hosting and maintenance of the site. It is possible that some of the products we review may appear as an advertisement on our pages. Google Ads are specifically targeted to the content on a web site. Please note that a) we have no control over what ads appear and b) we receive no money directly from any of these advertisers (the money comes from Google). Our preference would be for the site to be fully supported by donations from those who find the information here useful. If we ever reach a point where the site can be fully supported by such donations, we will strongly consider dropping any and all advertisements. At the very least, we will handle advertising in such a way that no product that we review will appear in the advertising. In any case, none of the advertising presented will affect our editorial reviews and no advertisement represents an endorsement of any particular product by Social Network Reviews.

Funds donated to Social Network Reviews are first used to pay for hosting and maintenance of the Social Network Reviews site. If any funds remain after that they are donated to the Triangle Unplugged Gaming Association. This is our local community gaming group that was the impetus for the creation of this site. Our goal is to build and strengthen our local gaming community as well as give back to the community at large through donations of time and games to educational institutions and others. We have not yet obtained legal non-profit status, so donations are not currently tax deductible. They are, however, greatly appreciated! If you have found the information at Social Network Reviews useful, please consider donating any amount that you find reasonable.